FAQ for my boob lovers

Do you offer an exchange and returns service?

Yes, I offer a free Returns and Exchange service within 14 days of purchase! I think it's super important that I offer this to customers as we're all different shapes and sizes and where the design sits really depends on height and chest size. I’m in the process of getting a fancy Royal Mail Exchange/ Returns Label which you can use to swap or return your Tit Tee. In the meantime, please drop me a message on ninasnips@gmail.com and I can ping you my return address and transfer your postage cost.

I love a design but you don’t have it in my size in stock! How can I get it?

I try my darnest to have all sizes of each design but sometimes they sell out! But please drop me a message on my contact form of which design and size you like and I will get it produced. The lead time is approximately 8 days.

I’m an illustrator and would like to donate an artwork, how?

Firstly, thank you! Please give me an email on ninasnips@gmail.com and we can start chatting about boobs.

I have a boob pun idea! Can I submit it?

HELL TO THE YEAH! I am always on the hunt for boob puns so if you have any boob pun inspiration in the bath or at 5am eating a kebab then please send them my way.

How much of the T-shirt cost goes to Coppafeel! Breast Cancer Charity?

I say ‘all profits from each T-shirt goes to Breast Cancer Charity’. What in the name of boob does that mean? I want to be as transparent as possible with this so here is a breakdown : The production and printing cost of every T-shirt is £6.25, £4.99 from each T-shirt covers my hard costs which means £3.75 from each T-shirt is donated to Coppafeel! Breast Cancer Charity. This is purely a passion project so my personal resources and time aren’t included! Every month, I send a sexy spreadsheet of my sales and the total donation for that month to the lovely team at Coppafeel! Breast Cancer Charity. If you’d like to find out more, please give me a message and I’m happy to discuss it further :)

Something isn’t working or something has annoyed me! How can I let you know?

I’m sorry I really try to offer top quality service for boob lovers! Nina’s Nips is a passion project that I run in my spare time alongside a full time job so I’m always looking for feedback and suggestions to give everyone the breast experience ever. Please give me an email on ninasnips@gmail.com with any concerns, ideas, feedback, suggestions or just general boob love.